When and Where to buy

As our farm is small and seasonal, we only produce limited amounts of quality, high welfare food.  During our production season (March through early December) lots of our raw organic dairy products are available from the wonderfully supportive independent retails we have the joy to work with, or directly from us at our stall in the Limerick Milk Market.  We also try our best to ensure an adequate supply or our meats throughout the year but unfortunately we cannot guarantee there is a constant supply year-round.  During the months of December, January and February any meats available can be collected from the farm or delivered locally but there are no dairy products available during this time, as both the cows and ourselves take a wee winter break.

Organic Meats

When available, all our meats are sold directly to the consumer from our farm, our stall in the Limerick Milk Market, or from us along one of the scheduled routes we run to deliver our dairy products to retailers including the routes as follows:

Tuesdays - Collections along the M7 from Tipperary through the midlands and up to Naas.

Wednesdays - Collection point in Birr, Co. Offaly 10am

Thursdays - Collection point in Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny 8am or collection from the Limerick Milk Market in Limerick City via the online NeighbourFood platform (see neighbourfood.ie for specific details)

Saturdays - The Limerick Milk Market 8am-1pm

Meats can be pre-ordered for any collection point from the online order form below.  If you like to discuss the best option for your location or potential availability in other areas, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Organic Raw Dairy

The current delivery rounds, stockists and markets throughout the country can be perused below.

A note on collection from the farm

We welcome customers to collect any meats from the farm and any dairy products that have been added on to a meat order that has been confirmed via email.  As a working, family farm with a packed schedule of deliveries and daily duties, we would hate for anyone to make a special trip and not have someone here to assist you.  As such, unfortunately spontaneous farm visits to collect product cannot be facilitated.  We also regret that we cannot cater for collections of small, dairy-only orders and we do not courier our dairy products.  We would encourage you to support your local retailer (listed above) that support us by stocking our dairy products or come visit us at our market stall in Limerick on Saturdays.