Saturday May 2nd – Fresh Organic Chickens, Sunshine, Veg, Wild Foods…all the good things.

Hello, folks!
This spring has been a period of adjustment and a general whirlwind, but thankfully so far it has at least been a sunny one.  It is a very interesting time for local food production and Irish food producers specifically. We hope you are all keeping well in various states of isolation and want to send a hearty thanks out to everyone for their support during this time.  Just a few updates below.

Fresh Organic Chickens

For those interested, we will have fresh chickens and giblets this Saturday May 2nd.   These will be for local delivery/collection or for the delivery/collections we are doing around Limerick City on Saturdays.  To help us tremendously, please ONLY use THIS ORDER FORM to order any chickens/giblets and any dairy (if you’re a Limerick customer).  Because demand has been so high, in the first instance, we are limiting all orders for this weekend to 2 chickens and 2 bags of all the types of giblets per person/household.  If you would ideally like more than this, you can leave a comment in the boxes on the form of what your ideal order would be.  We will then do our best to get you as much as possible.  We have increased the batch size for all upcoming batches of chickens and scheduled in an extra batch for this year, so there will be many more available in weeks to come.  We just want to make sure we can spread the love initially, as there are so many amazing people looking for them at the moment.  You can read more about our chickens here or, if you want to know why I (Mimi) would really love to see an operation in Ireland hatching out heritage meat birds at scale, you can read this interesting article.  Reminder of sizes and prices below (they are also listed on the order form)

Small (1.5 – 1.8kg) €16 (Likely to only be a limited amount of small ones available in this batch)
Medium (1.81 – 2.1kg) €18Large (2.11 – 2.4kg) €20
Extra Large (> 2.41kg) €22We won’t know the exact sizes of all the chickens available in each batch until we get them back from the abattoir.  So, if you happen to order a size that ends up not being available, we will do our best to give you the closest weight/price we can to the size you have requested.
Bag of 4 livers €1.50
Bag of 4 gizzards €1Bag of 4 necks €1
Bag of 8 hearts €1
Bag of 4 chicken feet €1

Limerick People!
Same deal as in previous weeks.  Stephen has veg/fruits/eggs/etc and Thalli have wild foods available.  I’ve attached both price lists.  You might see Edward, Stephen or me rocking up to your door on Saturday depending on how we split up deliveries.  Collection for ordered products from outside the Milk Market on Saturday will be between 10:30-11:30am.  Stephen can be reached at or Edward and Avery If you have any questions on the products or process, contact them directly.

Local People!

Just skip the part of the order form that relates to milk and order any chickens you would like.  If any of the wild food from Thalli looks interesting to you, we’re happy to collect it from them and bring back to Clough on Saturday.Bulk Pork and BaconWe sent out an email recently to those who expressed an interest in, or have previously purchased, a half or whole pig.  If you didn’t get that but have an interest in purchasing half/whole pigs cut to your specs, let us know and we can pass on the relevant info.  

I think that is it but have probably forgotten many important things…!  Ah well, off to paint the sheds. And no, we didn’t buy the paint recently or stock up on it, we’ve had it stored for two years because that was when the painting was supposed to happen…finally getting a couple projects crossed off the list 🙂

With gratitude,
Mimi (and Owen)

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