We have the world to live in on the condition that we will take good care of it. And to take good care of it, we have to know it. And to know it and to be willing to take care of it, we have to love it.” – Wendell Berry

Our Story

Creative and curious non-traditional farmers

We are your farm family, Owen, Mimi and Logan, and we are old fashioned on purpose.

We love food – wholesome, seasonal food that nourishes the body and connects consumers directly to the land and the animals. We are Ireland's longest standing raw milk dairy and one of the dwindling number or organic chicken and pork/bacon producers. It is a privilege to have been given a chance to cultivate a life, lifestyle and livelihood producing exceptionally delicious, organic foods on our 28-acres.

By nature we are more introverted homesteaders than boisterous entrepreneurs. You are just as likely to find us wrist deep in garden soil or welding the most recent piece of broken machinery, than you are to find us participating in any modern endeavors that involve screen-time. That said, making direct connections with our wonderful tribe at our weekly market stall in Limerick is one of the most invigorating and enjoyable parts of what we do.

Any and all of our successes can all be chalked up to a lot of good fortune, plenty of mistakes, constant learning, very lucky timing, helpful ambassadors and supporters in the artisan food world, supportive family, the most loyal customers and friends, and just a smidgeon of hard work.

Thanks for your support and for joining us on our journey.

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Our Farm

Small but mightily diverse

While these days Crawford's Farm has a small bit more mechanisation and technological innovation than in generations past, it still maintains its' quaint charm and diversity of small farm enterprises.  A visitor to our farm today could be forgiven for mistaking it for a farmstead from yesteryear.  A place where small herds of traditional grazing cattle produce milk that is turned into cream and butter, pigs enjoy home-grown rolled oats soaked in skim milk with room to root and wallow outside, poultry sweep through the fields to scratch and peck after the cattle herd, the kitchen garden supplies an abundance of fresh veggies, and the farm dogs and cats (attempt to) keep everyone in line.

Our belief in diversity and an interconnected, holistic way of farming that emulates nature and rejuvenates land, means that we work diligently to ensure the farm provides a natural habitat where both our animals and all the native critters and creatures can thrive.   From the birds, insects, frogs and soil microbes to the pastures of mixed grasses, herbs and forbs, and from the long established hedgerows and trees to the annual garden flowers and the newly planted fruit, nut and coppice woodlands  - everything works in harmony to create the diverse agri-ecosystem that is our farm.

The entire farm is certified organic by the Organic Trust.

Our Farming Season

A natural approach

We live life by the seasons - working hard from Spring through Autumn and resting in winter.  Our seasonal approach to farming harkens back to the natural reproductive cycles of wild animals who sync their natural birthing cycles with spring and early summer when the grass and herbs are rich, the flowers are blooming, early seeds are abundant, the soil is alive, and new mamas and babies can benefit most from the rich foods and brilliant sunshine.

Resting during the winter season increases the health of the animals, the planet and us as farmers, and it brings about a deeper connection to, and appreciation of the natural, cyclic rhythms.  It also means the products we produce during their appropriate seasons are the most flavourful and nutrient dense.  Any freshly frozen meat stays available from the freezer during this time, but we do not have dairy available between early December and mid March each year.


Our Meat Animals

Raised as nature intended

We raise our chickens in several batches each year in our unique mobile 'chicken tractors'. They are sold as fresh whole birds on processing weeks and otherwise are sold from the farm as frozen whole birds.   If you would like to join the mailing list to be notified when fresh batches of chickens are available, you can sign up here. We also have chicken feet, livers, gizzards, hearts, and necks on offer.

Our chickens are integrated into our grazing rotation to better mimic the natural symbiosis between birds and beasts on pasture land.  This unique system means that each day, after the cattle have grazed the diverse mix of grasses, herbs and forbs in the meadows, the chickens follow behind soaking up Vitamin D and scratching around for bugs and worms, ingestion the young, nutritious greens sprouting up from the newly growing grasses and spreading their own manure while also helping to spread the cattle manure and sanitise the pasture.

Organic chicken meat

The meat from these chickens is succulent and flavourful, and often with a yellow-tinted skin and fat due to the increased vitamin A content from their foraging. Their grass-based diet has also been shown to result in meat with a lower saturated fat content and higher levels of essential fatty acids.

Since these birds are outside and are moved to fresh grass every day in our unique chicken tractors, they use their muscles a lot.  They are also less water by weight than 'conventional' chicken.  If roasting, frying or baking it is best to opt for a longer cooking time at a lower temperature and to either marinade, baste or add a little water to your dish and cover.

pig trial 1

Throughout the year, our pigs help us to make sure no skim milk, excess courgettes or soft apples ever go to waste - plus, of course, they love their morning ration of organic, homegrown oats.

We sell individual pork and bacon cuts including - roasts, ham, chops, belly, natural sausages, rashers, ribs, minced, diced, and fillets.  Pigs feet, liver, ears, tails and cheeks can be gotten at times as well or, if you are signed up to our email list, there are options for buying half or whole pigs cut to your specifications and for bulk pricing.  The email list is the best way to find out about the rare occassions we have 100% grass raised beef or meat ducks available as well.

Our Mission

A regenerative model for the future of farming

Our objective at Crawford's Farm is to utilise natural rhythms, diverse species rotations and symbiotic relationships that best mimic the interconnected model of the natural world, to return the life to the soil, the compassion and conservation to the farming system, the flavour and nutrition to the products that come from the land, and the overall well-being of the people, the animals, the wildlife and the planet.

We are trying our best to help our small farm to have a big positive impact and feed our community nurturing food. Grasslands and woodlands evolved with large herds of wild, grazing ruminants, wild boars and many avian species.  When managed appropriately and sized proportionately, high welfare animal farming can pay homage to this wild past while still contributing positively to the food system by utilising domesticated animals to upcycle the energy from the sun that is produced by forages.

Farm Email List

As a small, seasonal farm focused on mindfully raising animals, availability of our high quality products is often limited and inevitably varies throughout each farming year.  We send out periodic emails with product availability updates and information on our seasonal schedule of food production.  If you would like to join this list and be one of the first on the list to reserve or purchase products, join our email list.