Seasonal Organic Raw Dairy

Our seasonal, unique micro-dairy products are small batch, artisan foods made from the milk of our pasture-raised, happy, healthy native Irish Shorthorn cows.  Personable and each with their own particular quirks and traits, each of the cows in our lovely traditional herd is known by name.  These ladies are our partners in production and you can read about them below.

The small-scale milking parlour used for the daily milkings of our Shorthorns, is the same one where the family cow was hand milked two generations ago.  We use this traditional parlour along with our modern, licensed dairy processing facility to diligently provide healthy, sweet and nutritious organic raw milk, cream, buttermilk and traditional handmade butter directly to our amazing community of customers for 9-months each year (early March to early December).  All our dairy products are sold directly to consumers and a few wonderful independent retailers as pure, unadulterated, 100% organic, raw products.  This means they have been filtered and chilled but never pasteurised (heated) or homogenised (crushed).

Organic raw milk, organic raw cream, organic raw butter, organic raw buttermilk

Raw Milk

Raw Cream

Raw Butter

Raw Buttermilk

When and Where to buy

From early March through early December each year there are a variety of options for anyone wishing to avail of our rich and creamy organic raw milk, cream, butter and buttermilk.  During the months of December, January and February both the cows, and ourselves take a wee break.  The current delivery rounds, stockists and markets throughout the country can be perused below.

On Farm Collection

We welcome visitors to collect dairy products from the farm as an add on to any meat order that has been pre-ordered and confirmed via email.  However, we regret that we cannot cater for collections of small, dairy-only orders and we also do not courier our dairy products.  We would encourage you to support your local retailer (listed above) that support us by stocking our dairy products or come visit us at our market stall in Limerick on Saturdays.

Where every cow is known by name

meet the ladies who share milk!


Simply put, Irish Shorthorn cows are the best and these lovely red, white and roan ladies are the crowning gem of Crawford's Farm.  We are a true micro-dairy with only a handful of milking cows.  These ladies are exceptionally docile and good-natured as well as being a hardy breed well-suited to our small, intimate, organic system.  They graze on lush green pastures that are managed with holistic rotations during the natural production season for milking animals (Spring, Summer and Autumn) and are happy, well loved and respected.


Belle is a bit shy, but knows her place on the farm and is one of the original crew of four that started off milking on the farm during it's nascent years.


13-year old Molly is the matriarch of the milking crew and one of the friendliest and most affectionate of the whole bunch. 


A big lover of being brushed and petted, Miss Penny is Molly's daughter and was the third ever milking cow on the farm. 


Originally from another organic dairy farm, Pepper joined the micro herd in 2017 but she is still not quite sure she is fond of all the hands on attention she gets on our farm!


Queen Rosie is often the boss lady around the farm and is always first in line for a treat or an apple.  


Affectionately called Umbi, this lady is a little bit mischievous and always up for a nice scratch behind the ears.


Bess is spunky young'un with lots of energy but as the youngest in the herd she is still learning her place amongst the ranks.


Quiet and a bit reserved, Sally is a cow with a bit of shyness and floppy ears but with each year she blossoms more and more into a confident cow mama.


The first every heifer calf born on the farm, this spunky lady with a spiky fringe and a goofy side, gets her cool nature from her mom, Rosie. 


A calm, no-fuss kind of gal, Violet charms many the visitor with her lovely roan colour and her meek and humble ways.