Organic Pasture-Reared Meats

The way nature intended

Everything we do is aimed at creating a more natural habitat in which our animals can thrive in harmony with nature.  This means pigs are on pasture or beneath the orchard trees expressing their natural instincts to forage, root and wallow.  They also help to consume all the excess skim milk, apples, vegetable and nuts through the year and then produce the most delicious pork and bacon.  Ducks are allowed to roam freely eating up slugs and swim daily in the duck pond.  Chickens are rotated every day to fresh grass in our fleet of specially designed mobile chicken tractors that follow behind our 100% grass fed beef cattle in the grazing rotation to better mimic the natural symbiosis between birds and beasts on pasture land.  This unique system means that each day, after the cattle have grazed the diverse mix of grasses, herbs and forbs in the meadows, the chickens follow behind soaking up Vitamin D and scratching around for bugs and worms, ingestion the young, nutritious greens sprouting up from the newly growing grasses and spreading their own manure while also helping to spread the cattle manure and sanitise the pasture.  Our holistic approach, varied diet, sunshine and exercise for our animals not only provides a valuable source of vitamins and minerals for the animals themselves but also helps to regenerate our soils and integrate just a bit more of the natural complexity of wild systems into our farming.

You can find out more about how the animals live and the meat available from the links below or if you already know you want our meats on your table you can order online.

**Availability of our slowly-matured, high quality meat products is often limited and inevitably varies throughout each farming year.  Join our email list be one of the first to know when items are available to reserve or purchase.**

When and Where to Buy

As our farm is small, we only produce limited amounts of quality, high welfare food.  As such, we try our best for adequate supply throughout the year but unfortunately we cannot guarantee there is a constant supply of meat year-round.

When available, all our meats are sold directly to the consumer from our farm, our stall in the Limerick Milk Market each Saturday (early March-early December), or from us along one of the scheduled routes we run to deliver our dairy products to retailers including the routes as follows:

Mondays - Collection point in Birr, Co. Offaly 10am

Tuesdays - Collections along the M7 from Tipperary through the midlands and up to Newbridge.  (Some seasonal Co. Dublin collection points in Templeogue and Rathmines.)

Thursdays - Collection point in Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny 8:30am

Saturdays - The Limerick Milk Market 8am-1pm

Meats can be pre-ordered for any collection point.  If you like to discuss the best option for your location or potential availability in other areas, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


On Farm Collection

We welcome visitors to collect meats from the farm by pre-order and confirmed appointment via email or the online order form. However, we are a working, family farm with a packed schedule of deliveries and daily duties and we would hate for anyone to make a special trip and not have someone here to assist you.  As such, unfortunately spontaneous farm visits to collect product cannot be facilitated.