Traditional Creamery and Farmstead

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Nestled just outside the village of Cloughjordan in North County Tipperary, we are a diverse, small, certified organic farm with a micro-dairy of 12 Irish Shorthorn and Irish Moiled cows producing the most delicious and nutritious raw milk, raw cream, raw butter and raw buttermilk in Ireland.

We also integrate holistically raised and rotationally grazed poultry and pigs for meat into our mixed farming system to provide our community with organic chicken, pork and bacon and to help create a more natural symbioitc relationship between all our species and so that they can thrive in harmony with nature.

Crawfords Farm raw milk and cows

Farm Email List

As a small, seasonal farm focused on mindfully raising animals, availability of our high quality products is often limited and inevitably varies throughout each farming year.  We send out periodic emails with product availability updates and information on our seasonal schedule of food production.  If you would like to join this list and be one of the first on the list to reserve or purchase products, join our email list. 

Organic Raw Dairy

Where every cow is known by name

This is Umbus.  She's one of the traditional Irish Shorthorn cows producing luscious organic raw milk for our micro-dairy.  She enjoys a good apple, a nice back scratch, and a robust hedge to chew on every now and again.  While she hasn't quite lived up to her Dr. Seuss namesake with 94 udders, she is a lovable, spunky cow and is currently the only pure white Shorthorn in the milking herd.

Irish Shorthorn milking cow

Organic Meat

Raised as Nature Intended

With a focus on both above and below ground biodiversity of plants and animals, everything we do is aimed at mimicking natural systems so our animals can thrive in harmony with nature and enhance, rather than degrade, the environment,  This is why we focus on diversification rather than specialisation and produce organic poultry, pork, bacon and beef alongside our dairy production. 

Organic chicken meat